Joy Millward is a lobbyist in the United Kingdom.

In 2005 she set up Principle Affairs, a lobby group that supports charities.
She’s the woman of a professional artist named Robin Gunning ham- a man who numerous Banksy suckers believe to be the uncommunicative artist.
In 2008 The Correspondence on Sunday published an disquisition in which they named Cunningham as Banksy.
Far from the rebellious tearaway, what we know about Gunning ham paints more a picture of middle class purlieus.
Robin, born in 1973 Bristol, also known to be Banksy’s long– supposed stomping ground, he went to public academy Bristol Cathedral School.
Robin’s father, Peter Gordon Gunning ham, was a sheltered contracts director from the Whitehall area of Bristol.
His mama , Pamela Ann Dakin- Jones, 67, was a company director‘s clerk and grew up in the exclusive surroundings of Clifton and he has an aged family called Sarah.
When Robin was nine, the family moved to a larger home in the same road and it’s there he spent his constructive times and came interested in graffiti.

Do Joy Millward and Banksy have children?

Not much is known about Joy Millward and her hubby.
The couple are extremely uncommunicative.
One friend of the couple told The Mail “ Joy and Robin live in an isolated community and have little to do with indeed their closest neighbors.
“ Indeed those they sometimes speak to have no idea who they really are.
“ The only people who know his real identity are those in the inner circle, who have been vetted.
“ Some of Joy’s cousins haven’t been told who her hubby is or what he does. Joy does tell people her hubby is an artist of some type.
“ She says he does the artwork for chef books and reader covers.
“ Banksy has told people he designs the sets for award observances, which explains his frequent absences. ”

How long have Joy Millward and Banksy been married?

It isn’t known when the couple wed. Still, it’s allowed the couple met in London in 2003 soon before she began working as a experimenter for Labour MP Austin Mitchell.

Are Joy Millward and Banksy parents?

Joy Millward and her partner are fairly unknown.
The brace maintains a high position of secretiveness.
“ Joy and Robin live in an isolated community and have little to do with indeed their closest neighbors, ” a friend of the couple told The Correspondence.
“ Indeed people with whom they discourse on a regular base have no notion who they truly are. ”
“ Only those in his inner circle, who have been vetted, are apprehensive of his true identity.
“ Some of Joy’s cousins are ignorant of her hubby’s identity or occupation. Joy does mention to others that her hubby is an artist of some kind.
“ She claims that he creates the artwork for cookbooks and music covers. ”
“ Banksy has stated that he creates award show sets, which explains his frequent absences. ”