Elizabeth Jasso There’s bad news for those who have been following the story of missing woman Elizabeth Jasso, who went missing on August 5th. She was set up by the police in Baytown, and it has been verified by the family and the police that the girl is safe and that the reports of her gestation are false. Then we’ve bandied everything about Elizabeth Jasso in briefwas she pregnant, what her parents said about her missing and moreSo keep reading the composition to know everything. Follow Traffic storm to get further updates

Elizabeth Jasso, What happed To Her?

Elizabeth Jasso family has not heard from her since Thursday, August 5, and they’re “ veritably concerned ” for her safety.

According to ABC13, the Baytown Police Department suspected Jasso was dealing with a problem.
Six months before her exposure, Jasso’s hubby was shot and failed in Baytown, Texas.

According to Baytown Assistant Police Chief Eric Freed, Milk o Jasso, 29, was shot around4.40a.m. in February 2021.
Jasso was last spotted at her hubby’s burial before meeting with bobbies .

On Thursday morning, cameras at a neighbor’s house caught Jasso leave the house without her sanitarium bag in a white BMW.
Latterly that morning, a worker at the cemetery where her hubby is buried stated they saw her.

It was vindicated on August 12 that Jasso was alive and had been set up.

Is Elizabeth Jasso awaiting A Child?

Jasso, who informed her in- laws she was awaiting halves, is indicted of fabricating her gestation with ultrasounds she bought online, according to her family.

Victoria Cruz- Ramirez, Jasso’s kinsman– in- lawtold ABC13 that the script is “ like a tale, ” along with other members of her family. A formerly– by-a-lifetime film. ”

“ You know she wasn’t pregnant, ” she addedpertaining to her family and father. They assumed she was lying about her gestation. She wouldn’t be suitable to have children. ”

According to ABC13, the family members came to the conclusion that Jasso, who was preliminarily allowed to be 40 weeks pregnant with halveshad bought phone ultrasounds on the internet and allegedly falsified her entire gestation.

Cruz- Ramirez wishes Jasso well and advises her to “ be examined in some way. ”

Blanca Gonzalez, Jasso’s mama – in- lawtold the news source that she now feels “ betrayed ” by Jasso and wants to know why she prevaricated about her gestation.

“ I’m hugely at a loss of words with what I’ve discovered, ” she wrote in a ago– deleted Facebook post. My son– in- law has wisecracked me, my family, and my musketeers.

“ This is my son– in- law, she faked her gestation with false ultrasound photos, and we had no idea because I lost my son a many months before and she and everyone differently allowed we were staying for my grandkids to arrive. ”

“ So Liz, if you ’re reading this, thank you for raising our expedients; all I ask is that you return home and give answers. ”

What Did Elizabeth Jasso’s Parents Say When She Went Missing?

Jasso’s father raised concern about her safety.

“ We ’re concerned, ” he admitted. “ I ’m relatively concerned about her safety and the safety of her children. ”

Jasso’s stylish friend, Gigi Dominquez, said the mama wasn’t the kind to desert her children.

“( She’s) always laughing and smiling. It pangs to not be suitable to see that right now “ We ’re not planning for the worse and hoping for the stylish, ” Dominguez added. “ We ’re hoping someone, or some ones, will call and say we ’re at the sanitarium and the boys are alright. ”

Jasso’s mama is hoping that her son will hear to her appeal and return home.