Danny Koker is the host of one of the most popular automotive television shows of all time, but the Count also has other effects that keep him busy.
Danny Koker is a musicianpatroncelebrity handyperson, and American reality star who gained fame from Counting buses‘ television show. The series, which focuses on customizing classic buses and motorcycles in his customization and restoration shop,’ Count‘s Kustoms,’ is one of the biggest successes and the stylish automotive television shows there is.

still, the protean businessman isn’t limited to his love of buses and bikes. Danny’s other passion lies in music. Being the son and whoreson of famed musicians, he’s also the lead songster of the Las Vegas- grounded hard gemstone band’ Count‘s 77’. To know further about the famed handyperson and musiciankeep reading for some surprising data about Danny Koker.

Knowing Danny Koker

Danny Koker real name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II. He was born on the 5th of January 1964 in Cleveland, making him 57 times old. When he was youngish, his family acquired channel 33. After that, he got the chance to host shows like” Saturday Fright at the pictures.”

He Owns An Expansive Collection Of buses And Bikes

Danny Koker owns a massive collection of cool buses and motorcycles. In an interview with Review Journal’s Christopher Lawrence, Danny Admitted to retaining at least 58 buses and about 70 motorcycles. Some of the vehicles featured in his garage include a 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, a 1970 Coronet, a 1973 Buick Riviera, a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Television Shows

The Count’s 77 musician has appeared in several television shows over the times. His most notable appearance on television came with the launch of Counting buses. The show enjoys a vast reach across 160 different countriesincluding India. The series is about Danny and his platoon restoring quaint buses and bikes.

Danny Has Not Touched His Father’s Car Collection

When the late Danny Koker Senior passed, he left the 57- timeold television star quite an emotional collection of buses Being a restoration expert, numerous people would anticipate Danny to work on them. still, this isn’t the case. In an interview he did a while back, Danny mentioned that he had not touched any of those buses yetindeed a decade after his pater ‘s end.

He Does Not Like EVs

Danny has no issue with zero carbon emigration vehicles. After all, automakers have set aside time and coffers to make environmentally-friendly vehicles like Tesla and Toyota Prius, and these models are being manufactured to reduce carbon emigrations.

Danny Started Count’s Kustom As A Hobby

Danny started the Count’s Kustom as a hobbyhorse, which with time went on to come one of the stylish customization shops in the country. The shop deals with upholstery, makeup jobsframe figure– ups, and services. The place is indeed patronized by famed brands similar as Matrix, Dakota Digital, Classic Instruments, and the Flaming River.

He Also Runs A Bar

Danny and his woman enjoy a bar, Count’s Vamp’d Rock and Grill, located about4.5 long hauls off the Las Vegas strip along the West Sahara. The establishment offers its guestsincluding Count’s Kustoms suckers, with an occasion to enjoy decent refections over the beautiful view of the evening.

He Loves Horror flicks

Back in the dayknown as” Count Cool Rider,” Danny hosted a original channel gem show Saturday Fright at the pictures for two seasons before it was over in 1991. When questioned about his love of the kidney in one of his numerous interviews, Danny said he regularly watches the AMC show, The Walking Dead.

There Was A scuttlebutt That He would failed

In 2008, rumors started circulating that Danny Koker of Count’s Kustom had failed. Well, this was a case of incorrect identity. Danny participated the same name as his father, the late Danny Koker elderly, who passed away on the 17th of February 2008. Away from having the same name, the two participated quite a many parallels.

Family And Net Worth

Finding information about Danny Koker isn’t that hardsimilar as his net worth of$ 13 million. still, there are effects that Danny prefers to keep out of the limelight. One thing we do know is that Danny got married to Korie Fera in 2015.

After dating for a while, they set up that they participated a common interest both in music and business. Their marriage was quick, with slightly anyone in attendance. Six times latterly, the couple is still going strong, though they’ve no children at the moment. Korie is really probative of Danny, and though she does not have a substantial following on Instagram, she regularly posts filmland to promote Danny’s band.