Also, Bodhi Ransom Green has come into the media for being the son of American celebrities. He has neither made a successful business nor has played places in numerous pictures. Everyone says that he looks like the small interpretation of Megan Fox.

Compared to other celebrity kiddies, he’s said to be the cutest among all. His mama Megan Fox posts his prints incontinently on Instagram. Megan keeps on streamlining about his son’s life through her Instagram story.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Date of Birth and Age

Bodhi Ransom Green was born on February 12, 2014, in Los Angeles, United States. He’s the alternate child of Megan Fox. Celebrity Kid Bodhi holds an American nation and belongs to the white race.

His birth sign is Aquarius. At present, Bodhi is 8 times old and he has been celebrating his birthday on the 12th of February every time.

Bodhi is presently living his life in Los Angeles. The meaning of the word Bodhi means awakened or enlightened. His parents are trying to keep Bodhi down from the life of social media but he has formerly been so notorious and gained lots of suckers.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Parents

Celebrity son Bodhi is well– known to people as the son of Megan Fox who’s an actress and Brian Austin Green who’s a well– known American actor. Everyone says that he looks like the small interpretation of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green started dating each other after meeting in 2004 on the set of ‘ Hope & Faith ’. Brian Austin Green was married to actress Vanessa Marcil and indeed has a son from his first marriage. He was 12 times aged than Megan Fox.
Latterly, the couple engaged in 2006 and again ended it in November 2006. The couple mentioned that they took a short break from their relationship and got engaged again on June 1, 2010. They eventually got married on June 24, 2010.

Bodhi Ransom Green was born on February 12, 2014. Megan Fox introduced his son for the first time in media through ‘ The Ellen DeGeneres Show ’ in May 2014.
Sorely, Megan filed a divorce in August 2015 and she indeed asked for guardianship of her son. In 2016, they ate another son despite their dissatisfaction with each other.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Siblings

Also, Bodhi is grown over on with his two siblings and they’re Noah Shanon Green and Journey River Green. Noah Shanon Green is the aged family of Bodhi and Journey River Green is the youthful one in the family.

Noah Shanon Green was born on September 27, 2012, and Journey River Green was born on August 4, 2016.

Besides them, Bodhi indeed has step family whose name is Kassius and who was born in March 2002. Kassius is the son of Brian Austin Green from his first marriage with Vanessa Marcil.

Bodhi’s grandparents are Franklin Thomas Fox, Gloria Darlene Fox, Joyce Green, and George Green.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Education

At present, Bodhi is attending his academy and fastening on his education. He started attending academy some times agene and he’s still in his academyMoving onto his academy name it has not been mentioned anywhere.

Megan, the mama of Bodhi has always tried to keep her children down from social media but intentionally they’ve been the notorious celebrity kiddies. Megan, as a mama has been taking care of her son duly and she has been giving equal previous to her kiddies and family.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Net Worth

Being a celebrity sprat, he has been notorious and has been a title to be bandiedRather than that, he has not made his involvement in any kinds of work.

He’s just 8 times old and that’s the reason why he has not been on any work. Bodhi does n’t have involvement in any kind of business.

Bodhi might follow in his parent’s steps and enter the field of entertainmentTalking about his net worth, he has an estimated net worth of$ 500 million.

Brian Green father of Bodhi has an estimated net worth of 10 million bones . On the other hand, his mama has an estimated net worth of$ 10 million.

Bodhi Ransom Green’s Body dimension and Social Media Handles

Bodhi Ransom Green stands at a height of 2 bases and 1 inch. He has got coil light brown hair and black brace of eyesalso, Bodhi an 8 times old boy isn’t active on his social media handles.